Healthcare Consulting

Global healthcare costs — due in part to aging populations, increasing prevalence of chronic conditions and rising obesity levels — are at an all-time high, growing faster than inflation and increasing at an unsustainable pace. As a result, governments, taxpayers and subsidizing employers are experiencing extreme strain in their budgets. Properly deployed, health plans have the power to be a major force for managing the cost of care and bending the cost curve.

With my over 4 years of hands on and extensive experience both private- and public health-sector i advise CEO ‘s and organizations on actionable insights and strategy, healthcare cost reduction for staff and helping them make informed decisions about the best healthcare plans to buy using data driven and evidence based approach..

I am a highly knowledgeable and experienced healthcare professional who have worked on both sides of the system as a care provider and health insurance provider currently serving in the capacity of medical services manager in MB&O Healthcare services limited where I oversee over 900 provider claims monthly , I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations navigate the complex world of healthcare insurance. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the many insurance policies available, I am able to provide expert guidance to my clients, helping them to select the best possible coverage for their needs.

As a nurse I am a groomed communicator and listener, taking the time to understand my client’s unique circumstances and concerns. I try as much as possible to translate the often-confusing language of insurance policies into terms that my clients can easily understand, empowering them to make informed decisions about their coverage.

Furthermore, choosing the best health insurance provider and health plan can be tricky and veery complex because of the dynamic nature of humans thus I take the time to explore all available options, ensuring that my clients have access to the best possible coverage for their personal and corporate needs.

In addition to selecting insurance policies, I am also able to provide guidance on how to use insurance benefits effectively, including tips for managing deductibles and copays. i stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and changes, ensuring that my clients always have access to the most current information and options.

Ultimately, my goal as a health insurance consultant is to help my clients make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage, so that they can have peace of mind and focus on what matters most: their health and well-being. My expertise and dedication make me an invaluable resource for anyone seeking high-quality healthcare insurance advice and guidance.

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